Safe & Secure Environment

Our Buildings

We provide a safe and secure environment for our children and staff. The doors of each building are locked at all times accessible only by key fobs provided to those parents and guardians with legal custody of the child(ren) in our care.

Visitors to Perry House need ring the doorbell and wait to be greeted by one of our staff members.

Our Food

Perry House is committed to meeting the needs of all children with severe allergies and dietary restrictions. All special requirements must be discussed prior to enrollment. We may be able to accommodate food substitutes in some cases; however, if the majority of our menu does not meet the needs of a child, alternative care must be considered.

The following items are NOT permitted at Perry House:

  • Peanuts and any products containing any type of nut
  • Any fast food or coffee shop products (liquid or food)

Our Busses

Currently we have a fleet of four busses.  Each bus safely seats 16 passengers, each child with their own seatbelt.

Our qualified bus drivers carry out daily bus routes, transporting the children to and from school.

Our Playgrounds

We have large playground spaces at each site offering both structures, for climbing and sliding and ground space for playing sports and riding bikes.  A qualified inspector checks playgrounds annually to ensure we meet all CSA standards.

Each setting has beautiful mature trees that provide the children with ample shade in the summer months.  Outdoor toys are provided to the children for outdoor exploration and physical play.



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