What Parents & Guardians Say About Us

“All three of my children, now 8, 6 and 2.5 years old, have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Perry House. They have fond, lasting memories of good times spent in yard, in the pool, doing crafts, going bowling, playing together with friends and most importantly, having fun! As a parent, I was always confident in the care being provided to my children by the staff at Perry House, and that is something that has meant a great deal to me — with all of the other grown-up worries that I deal with at work, home and elsewhere, leaving my children, in capable, loving and nurturing environment has been a huge relief and never taken for granted. Thank you Perry House.”


“Perry House has been a part of my children’s live since their first year. Perry House doesn’t just look after our children…they’ve helped us raise them. From learning sign language as toddlers, taking them to their first days of school in kindergarten to swimming lessons and fun adventure trips in the summer as older kids, Perry House has been there through it all….Perry House has become a solid part of our family over the last 11 years and we couldn’t be more thankful or appreciative of the care our children receive while there. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

What Our Kids Say About Us

“There are lots of toys here and we go on lots of good trips. I really like this day care and all of the people in it.”

“I like Perry House because you make a lot of friends and get to have fun and play games. Also when I came I made friends right away.”

“I like Perry House. The warm bread with soup tastes the best and it is why I like Perry House.”

“Every year I look forward to swimming because the lifeguards / swim instructors are so nice. I wish I could stay here forever. Perry House Rules!”

What Our Staff Says About Working Here

“As a staff member who has worked with all the different age groups for almost three years in all three buildings, I can honestly say that every group is a joy to work with…the staff is made up of kind and supportive co-workers who strive for excellence.”


“When I first started at Perry House I was welcomed by all the staff and they made me feel part of the team right away! I always feel supported. It’s like a home away from home.”

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