Our Mission & Values

At Perry House, we believe that each child is special, with individual likes, needs and skills. Our caring, professional teachers will provide the children with age appropriate learning opportunities for exploration and discovery in their daily environment. The staff will enhance each child’s self-esteem and their physical, social and cognitive development.

Each room is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the age group it embraces. We are constantly adapting our program and its many extras to meet the ever-changing needs of the families we serve. Our staff will gladly help you access resources in the community. At Perry House we have an open door policy, all parents and families are always welcome.

Mission Statement

Perry House is committed to providing a high-quality program that enhances the development of all children. Our qualified staff will work as pedagogical teachers to promote and support each child’s self-esteem and natural curiosity for learning. Each child’s confidence will be enhanced to build a strong foundation for life’s new experiences.

Together with the families of the children we serve, we will collaborate in order to ensure that each child’s individual needs are being met.

Core Values

We believe in:

  • Providing a healthy, safe and stimulating environment for all children
  • All staff having respect and understanding for each child’s individual uniqueness
  • Providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning, positive behaviour and good health
  • Being knowledgeable in child development in order to provide appropriate learning experience for all children
  • Believing that all children are capable of exploring their surroundings and learning new things when they are interested and when guided by a committed and engaged teacher that offers interesting and relevant activities
  • Promoting socialization and compassion for others
  • Providing support through professional resources outside of the organization in order to meet specific individual needs children; and,
  • Supporting partnerships and collaboration with families and communities to help strengthen the ability for us to meet the needs of the children we serve

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