Fees Schedule


Multi-child Discounts

All families with multiple children are eligible for fee discounts. They are as follows:
2 children = 10% off fees of youngest child
3 children = 10% off fees of two youngest children
4 children = 10% off fees of three youngest children
And so on

Vacation Discounts

Parents and their children are welcome to take as many holiday weeks during the year as they would like, however holiday fee discounts are based on a maximum of two weeks per year per family. Any holiday weeks over and above the two weeks will be regular fee amounts. The discount rates are as follows:

Based on consecutive enrolment.
After one (1) calendar year = 20% off weekly fee
After two (2) calendar years = 40% off weekly fee
After three (3) calendar years = 60% off weekly fee
After four (4) calendar years = 80% off weekly fee
After five (5) calendar years = No charge (free)