Ages We Serve

Ages We Serve

Perry House Child Care Services provides quality care for children from two weeks to 12 years of age.

INFANTS 2 weeks – 18 months
Ratio: 1 – 3
Full Time only

Perry House Child Care Services offers a warm and nurturing infant program that is flexible and accommodating to the individual needs of every child. Program activities are simplified for this age group but also provide age appropriate stimulation for enhancement in all developmental areas. The infants also have access to a playground for outdoor play and have triple strollers for walks in the surrounding area.

TODDLERS 18 months – 2.5 years
Ratio: 1 – 5
Full Time Only

The toddler programs (Junior toddlers and Senior Toddlers) enjoy activities that support their areas of interest and help promote learning in all aspects. The toddlers are able to enjoy a wonderful playground structure right in their own backyard for outdoor fun. The toddler room staff will also encourage the children to potty train while in this classroom. By working together the staff and parents can make this transition a positive experience.

JUNIOR PRESCHOOL 2.5 years – 3
Ratio: 1 – 8
Full Time or Part Time (3 full days)

Our Junior Preschool classroom offers a bright and cheery environment where the children can engage in several program activities. The children are encouraged to be more independent through their daily self-help skills. With a hands on approach, the staff facilitate the children’s learning by allowing them to explore and manipulate their surroundings in various ways and expressing what they have discovered. The playground is a source of much enjoyment during outdoor play.

SENIOR PRESCHOOL 3 years – 4 years
Ratio: 1-8
Full Time or Part Time (3 days)

The Senior Preschool classroom is bursting with learning opportunities. The children will surely be prepared for the Junior Kindergarten experience after having had the chance to participate in the stimulating learning environment that the qualified staff have implemented for them. This age group will also enjoy an exciting playground structure in their very own backyard.

JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN 4 years – 5 years
Ratio: 1 – 10
Full time, Before & after school

SENIOR KINDERGARTEN 5 years – 6 years
Ratio: 1 – 12
Full time, Before & after school

Perry House offers a before and after school kindergarten program for half day kindergarten, full day alternate kindergarten as well as full day kindergarten. We also offer full time care for parents who wish not to send their child to school. The kindergarten program offers a variety of activities that includes academic learning in pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math. The classroom is set up in such a way that the children are free to explore many areas of interest.

Perry House Child Care Services will take care of your transportation needs by busing children to and from their school each day.

SCHOOL AGE 6 – 12 years
Ratio: 1 – 15
Full and Part time, Before and after school

The school age program offers a mix of relaxing and challenging activities for the children each day. There will be opportunities for the children to do their homework after school. The school age children will have the chance to enjoy the playground structure as well as playing sports in the play field right in their backyard.